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That Audi feeling.

Keep on experiencing that Audi feeling with our extended warranty options.

Extended warranty. Extended feel-good.

Choose one of our extended warranty options.* For years of comprehensive support and expert service – and keep on experiencing that Audi feeling. An Audi Extended Warranty gives you peace of mind for two more years, with the same level of coverage as our original 3-year Manufacturer Warranty* Unlimited Mileage and 150,000km options are available from your authorized Audi dealer.

Guaranteed. Secure.

We guaranty that the vehicle is free of faults relating to materials and workmanship:

  • Free new-car warranty for new vehicles – ex works and with no mileage restrictions
  • Important: All service intervals must be performed according to the requirements of AUDI AG
  • a 3-year guarantee against paint damage.
  • a 12-year guarantee against body rust perforation.
  • an 8-year / 160,000 km battery warranty for electric vehicles.

Please check with the local Audi Partner for the eligibility of your vehicle for an Unlimited Mileage Extended Warranty.


An Audi Extended Warranty can be retrofitted to your vehicle with either limited or unlimited mileage options. For those seeking a balanced coverage, our limited mileage Audi Extended Warranty provides protection for an additional 2 years or 150,000 km, whichever comes first. You have the flexibility to purchase this option at any time before the expiration of the free 3-years factory warranty. Alternatively, our unlimited mileage Audi Extended Warranty offers complete freedom to travel any time without restrictions. This package covers eligible vehicles* for an additional 2 years, allowing you to drive worry-free.

*Please check with the local Audi Partner for the eligibility of your vehicle for an Unlimited Mileage Extended Warranty. Terms & conditions apply.

Audi Extended Warranty.

The Audi Extended Warranty provides the same level of benefit and coverage for your vehicle as the Original Audi Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Peace of mind. Extended.

The following value added benefits are included within this extended warranty providing you with a peace of mind ownership experience:

  • State of the art Audi Service Facilities with a trained and qualified team who are fully dedicated to take care of your vehicle.
  • Quality repairs guaranteed in accordance with AUDI AG specifications by a Specialist Audi Qualified Technician.
  • Use of Genuine Audi Parts for all repairs guaranteed.
  • Enhanced attractiveness of the vehicle through continued dedicated Audi Maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle.
  • The Audi Extended Warranty remains with the vehicle if the vehicle is sold on.

Benefits of an Audi Extended Warranty.

The extended warranty that you receive as part of the Audi Approved :plus used car program provides real peace of mind. If your vehicle suffers a mechanical failure of a covered component we will, during the warranty period, cover the cost of having the mechanical failure repaired at an authorized Audi service center subject to the terms and conditions of this warranty.

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Looking after you and your Audi.

Your unique guarantee can be further extended when you buy your vehicle subject to vehicle eligibility and provided that your car is maintained by an authorised Audi service center. This way, we can be sure to provide complete customer satisfaction and give your vehicle the best level of cover. The Audi Approved :plus Extended Warranty product is issued by authorised Service Providers.

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