Stone chip damage. A clear case for Audi.

First a stone chip. Then a slight bump in the road or freezing rain. Before you know it, there is a crack in your windscreen. A small cause can have big consequences: if a stone chip is not repaired quickly, often the only solution is to replace the entire windscreen.

Don’t let things get out of hand: with the Audi windscreen and window repair service, stone chips can be repaired so efficiently that the damage is often barely visible to the naked eye. The quicker the damage is eliminated, the harder it is to see the area that has been repaired. Many insurance companies reward this quick repair method: customers with comprehensive insurance generally do not have to pay for the repair themselves.* And there’s another reason to act quickly: if stone chip damage in the driver’s field of vision is not repaired or if a crack develops in the windscreen as the result of a stone chip, your vehicle may fail its inspection.

If a stone chip cannot be repaired and the windscreen needs to be replaced, this is also a clear case for your Audi Partner, who will replace it with a perfectly fitting Audi Genuine Part.

Professional damage repairs

An intact windscreen and intact windows are essential for the safety of the vehicle and its occupants. Even seemingly minor damage can result in the windscreen or window being irreparably damaged when the vehicle moves. In the event of an accident, the front passenger's airbag is supported by the windscreen. For this reason, a damaged windscreen or window should be repaired as soon as possible or replaced if necessary.

Main characteristics at a glance

  • Safe: Your Audi Partner ensures that the adhesive is fully hardened and that sufficient tensile strength for optimum protection is therefore achieved.
  • Fault-free: After the windscreen is replaced, the camera is recalibrated by your Audi Partner to enable the camera-based driver assist systems to function without any errors.
  • Mobile: Your Audi Partner will generally offer you a choice between at least two transportation options, such as the Audi pick-up and delivery service, a taxi voucher, a courtesy car or a bicycle.
  • Free of charge: The cost of repairs using synthetic resin is usually completely covered by comprehensive insurance policies.

Advice and insurance processing

In the event of a stone chip, we recommend you make an appointment with your Audi Partner right away. They will provide you with comprehensive advice about repairing or replacing the windscreen or window and handle the processing with your insurance company.

You do not need to report the damage to your insurance company: your Audi Partner will take care of everything for you and report the damage to your insurance company after the work has been completed.


Required documents

Please bring all your insurance documents with you when you bring the vehicle in. Your Audi Partner will always require the most recent insurance certificate issued by your insurance company. If your vehicle is insured by Audi insurance, the insurance number is sufficient.


If you have a comprehensive insurance policy, many insurance companies cover the cost of repairing stone chip damage completely – i.e. you will not be charged any excess and your no-claims bonus will not be affected. The costs of replacing the windscreen, side windows and rear window are also covered by comprehensive insurance. However, you will have to pay the excess agreed in your policy in this case.